Board of Directors

KAYCE SORBELLO, President & Secretary
Kayce Sorbello, B.A., is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in International and Area Studies. She has worked with international projects that promote the voices of local individuals to develop sustainable solutions tailored to their respective communities. She is specifically passionate about issues related to nutrition, public health, and human-wildlife interaction.

Alyssa Pauly is a recent graduate from Washington University in St. Louis working as a Sourcing professional at General Mills. She supports the direct materials buying team in purchasing nuts and value-added ingredients and building efficient processes.

KRISTA MILICH, Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Krista Milich, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology and the Director of the Reproductive Ecology and Behavioral Endocrinology Laboratory (REBEL) at Washington University in St. Louis. She currently has projects at multiple sites in Africa and South America, primarily studying nonhuman primate behavioral ecology, human-wildlife interactions, and zoonotic disease.  Her work informs biodiversity conservation strategies, and she believes strongly in working with local communities to tackle these global issues.

Zawadi Lemayian, PhD, is an Associate Principal in the Finance Practice at Charles River Associates. She provides economic consulting services in litigation disputes involving mergers and acquisitions, business and asset valuation, calculation of economic damages, market manipulation, and other financial analysis. Her experience spans various industries including entertainment, healthcare, telecommunications, and banking. Outside work, her interests lie in environmental conservation and sustainability.

Angela Puertas, MBA, has over fifteen years of experience working and serving the nonprofit sector. She desires to see local and international communities reach their full potential by strategically connecting them to the tools and resources they need and ask for. She strives and understands the importance of first listening to community members to help them solve their most pressing problems. Angela has vast experience and a successful record of connecting volunteers and donors to projects that motivate them to make a world-changing difference.