Help Conservation Together by donating today! All donations go directly to funding our projects.

Conservation Together is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Your donation goes a long way!

Here are some examples of what your donation will provide in Uganda:

$10 will cover the cost of a pair of rubber boots for a community member to wear while working on elephant trench maintenance

$15 buys two kilos of garlic seeds for a family to plant– yielding a rich harvest of this cash crop

$20 provides enough funding for a set of trench maintenance supplies– a shovel, hoe, and panga (machete) — to keep the trench in good condition to prevent elephants from crossing the trench into the gardens

$50 covers the cost of a new beehive to add to the fence that deters elephants from leaving the park through swampy areas and eating people’s crops

$100 buys bee keeping suits to protect people when working in the apiaries

$150 will cover the monthly salary of a project assistant

$500 buys enough COVID-19 safety supplies (e.g. masks, hand sanitizer) for our project assistant for one year

$1000 covers the maintenance of our project office in Uganda for one year

$5000 provides funding for a kilometer of beehive fence to prevent human-elephant conflict